Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whatz in Your Mind?

Or perhaps I should have asked "whatz on your mind?"

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Matrushka Zippo by Bobiler Family

Ain't it great?

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Automobile Industry in the Hands of Women

Do you do your make up on your way to office? Automobile manufacturers did not forget you...

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lisa Marie says...

Did you read the touching statement of Lisa Marie Presley, the ex-wife of MJ and the doughter of Elvis?

Here you go:

"Years ago Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general.

I can't recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Fathers Death.

At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, "I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did."

I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that.

14 years later I am sitting here watching on the news an ambulance leaves the driveway of his home, the big gates, the crowds outside the gates, the coverage, the crowds outside the hospital, the Cause of death and what may have led up to it and the memory of this conversation hit me, as did the unstoppable tears.

A predicted ending by him, by loved ones and by me, but what I didn't predict was how much it was going to hurt when it finally happened.

The person I failed to help is being transferred right now to the LA County Coroners office for his Autopsy.

All of my indifference and detachment that I worked so hard to achieve over the years has just gone into the bowels of hell and right now I am gutted.

I am going to say now what I have never said before because I want the truth out there for once.

Our relationship was not "a sham" as is being reported in the press. It was an unusual relationship yes, where two unusual people who did not live or know a "Normal life" found a connection, perhaps with some suspect timing on his part. Nonetheless, I do believe he loved me as much as he could love anyone and I loved him very much.

I wanted to "save him" I wanted to save him from the inevitable which is what has just happened.

His family and his loved ones also wanted to save him from this as well but didn't know how and this was 14 years ago. We all worried that this would be the outcome then.

At that time, In trying to save him, I almost lost myself.

He was an incredibly dynamic force and power that was not to be underestimated.

When he used it for something good, It was the best and when he used it for something bad, It was really, REALLY bad.

Mediocrity was not a concept that would even for a second enter Michael Jackson's being or actions.

I became very ill and emotionally/ spiritually exhausted in my quest to save him from certain self-destructive behavior and from the awful vampires and leeches he would always manage to magnetize around him.

I was in over my head while trying.

I had my children to care for, I had to make a decision.

The hardest decision I have ever had to make, which was to walk away and let his fate have him, even though I desperately loved him and tried to stop or reverse it somehow.

After the Divorce, I spent a few years obsessing about him and what I could have done different, in regret.

Then I spent some angry years at the whole situation.

At some point, I truly became Indifferent, until now.

As I sit here overwhelmed with sadness, reflection and confusion at what was my biggest failure to date, watching on the news almost play by play The exact Scenario I saw happen on August 16th, 1977 happening again right now with Michael (A sight I never wanted to see again) just as he predicted, I am truly, truly gutted.

Any ill experience or words I have felt towards him in the past has just died inside of me along with him.

He was an amazing person and I am lucky to have gotten as close to him as I did and to have had the many experiences and years that we had together.

I desperately hope that he can be relieved from his pain, pressure and turmoil now.

He deserves to be free from all of that and I hope he is in a better place or will be.

I also hope that anyone else who feels they have failed to help him can be set free because he hopefully finally is.

The World is in shock but somehow he knew exactly how his fate would be played out some day more than anyone else knew, and he was right.

I really needed to say this right now, thanks for listening.


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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in Peace MJ

The legend of pop, the most shining star of pop passed away. He was about to do his final comeback since after almost a decade.

He is a piece of my childhood'n teenages. I feel quite oldened. If even MJ dies, I must have been grown up looong ago.

My favorit was smooth criminal, thriller and b.jean. Still all the others are echoing in my speakers now. I'm baaaaaad I'm baaaaaaaad..:)


"it don't matter if you are black or white"

"just beat it,beat it, beat it,beat it"

I love his personal style. This is one of the things about him that I'll miss much. His unique charism. He is the one that a generation may come across only for once, the one who changed the history of music. He is truly global.

Rest in peace moonwalker. Immortality suits you well.
Greet "The King" Elvis there.


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bored in the Class?

Some classes are boring and some pupils take it as an opportunity for art expressions or expression of patience.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Lecture...

This speech was presented in October 2007.
Dr. Randy Pausch passed away on July 25, 2008.

How many of us has a real message to transmit to the rest of the world?

His quotes are brilliant:

"Wait long enough and people will surprise and impress you"

"Focus on other people, not on yourself"

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."

R.I.P Prof. Pausch.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dramatic Difference

Could you guess who this sweet young woman is getting her hair done up?

My goodness, it is Dita von Teese!!!

What the hell does she put herself under that much make-up that adds her at least 15 ages?

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Dark Souls

Nowadays I am observing a friend of mine being beated by the 'self' by the fierce side of her soul.
On one hand I find the recent tendencies and behaviours totally odd, and on the other side I know this is a piece of all of us. In the name of being 'friends' I made a speech with a proper way of saying what is going wrong in my friend. Still 1) no cure can come from outside other than a piece of advice 2)this is not the person I used to know till today, thus I feel like distancing myself.

This subject is all about dilemmas.

I disapprove the person due to lack of self reformation. I agree that everyone may come across to an examination of dark side of the own, but still I guess at least in the public sphere we are mostly programmed to hide this part, although the war between the sides go on in the soul. When the primitive side becomes visible in the social arena, this makes the person the dumbest ever. The cures of some senses like greed, jealousy, pride must be sought inside. Otherwise they turn to be grubs nibbling the soul besides tearing off you from your friends, reduces the sincerity in between and the trust, as well. I mean, if yo cannot even cure your own sides, how can I lean on you when I get introuble with my soul and emotions? I am a Turkish woman where the word "friend" sourced out "where you lean your back".

If your soul is dark, and dampens mine, it is no more something from outside help. I cannot help. I can only cure myself, and expect the counterpart to do so. This is the very dangerous path to alienation. I observe a soul seeking refuge to others to find a path and melting in the wrong emotions of the id, the very rough and animal like side of the personality.

When I think of the situation I can't help pronouncing the perfect German word defining it: fremdschämen --> vicarious embarrasment.

I hope we never fall in traps of the soul and id...

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I do not hesitate to express my distate for "mother's day" and "father's day".

I will not be typing about the financial interest cliché. What I want to tell is, those days hurt a gigantic number of people.

I don't know how many people make something nice with their fathers on this day; but I know how many people flow to grave-yards and shed tears for another day without the father or mother.

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Something New for You

Most probably this is something quite exotic to you; I mean even for me. I listened to them and I loved the feeling there, thus I felt compelled to share with you:

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

She is Detached

Some women are quite handy to handle anything possible. They never ask for help.
Well, appreciated...

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gorgeous Idea!

Consti wants to find that lift'n hit on the button once to live the moment when god created Adam and when Michalengelo carved it on sixtine chapel.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remember Dita von Teese?

As I met this photo above somewhere online, I directly recalled the burlesque star, stripper Dita von Teese naked in an oversize Martini glass.
Please do not blame me. This is no offence but just a simple, regular free association that I can't help.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cartoon Drawing on Its Own..:)

Ain't it practical?...:P

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Inspiration of the Day

James Dean record only 3 movies and he was only 24 when he died in a car crash. Still, he became a rebel legend and turned into the physical embodiment of it.

Well, I recalled Eagles suddenly:

james dean, james dean
i know just what you mean
james dean, you said it all so clean
and i know my life would look allright
if i could see it on the silver screen
you were the lowdown rebel if there ever was
even if you had no cause
james dean, you said it all so clean
and i know my life would look all right
if i could see it on the silver screen
we'll talk about a low-down bad refrigerator,
you were just too cool for school
sock hop, soda pop, basketball and auto shop,
the only thing that got you off was breakin' all the rules
james dean, james dean
so hungry and so lean
james dean, you said it all so clean
and i know my life would look all right
if i could see it on the silver screen
little james dean, up on the screen
wond'rin' who he might be
along came a spyder and picked up a rider
and took him down the road to eternity
james dean, james dean, you bought it sight unseen
you were too fast to live, too young to die, bye-bye
you were to fast to live, too young to die, bye-bye
bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye, bye

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

MP3 Experiment

Have you ever heard of Improv Everywhere? They define themselves as a random goup causing weird scenes in public places. Actually it is open to everybody who wants to participate. They are based in New York City. Most probably you have already seen their videos on youtube.

The most famous action of Improv Everywhere is the MP3 Experiment. The sixth annual MP3 Experiment took place on May 23.

Let me explain it to you bastially. One of the Improv Everywhere guys put an MP3 online and the members of IE downloaded it on their iPods, but did not listen to it till their appointment. Moreover according to the instructions, participants were supposed to wear a blue, red, yellow or green T-shirt with a white T-shirt underneath. Where and where to meet and at what time to press PLAY were instructed on their webpage, as well.

This is where the chaos between online and offline begins. I heard that more than 2,000 people were at Roosevelt Island of NYC to meet.

The voice on their MP3, namely Steve gave instructions like "look at each other shocked" "point the central park, which direction is it?" "fall in a 15 seconds nap" "in a minute we are all going to jump up" "shake hands with different color t-shirts" "give as many high fives to strangers as we can"

Can you imagine a huge crown is dancing concentrated but there is no music there, but their mp3s?! :) Steve also instructed to take the headphones off, he wants to tell a secret to red t-shirts. You can watch it on Youtube.

That must be a real fun to be a part of this communal hypnosis.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ahmadinejad Reloaded

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been declared the winner of the elections with 62.63 percent of the vote. Well, 4 more years with Ahmadinejad.

I guess Khatami made a mistake by leaving the floor to Mousavi. It was supposed to be vice versa.

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Whale Song

An Australian telecommunications company, namely Optus, prepared a commercial about communication. This time the theme was communication with whales. A song was composed by Bruce Heald for the love of whales and humans.

The music was performed by a chamber music orchestra on a barge to serenade for the whales as they migrate along the coast of Queensland. This performance was filmed by director David Denneen.

"The television ad and online campaign is inspired by Humpback Acoustic Research Collaboration, a collaborative project between researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO), and the University of Queensland (UQ).

The campaign is online at www.optus.com/whalesong, providing an opportunity to interact with a virtual humpback whale, information on the science and music behind the commercial, nterviews with key staff from the project, a screen saver and ringtones (piano soundtrack and whale sounds)."

Enjoy it:

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Morning! :)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anatomy of Kissing

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Consti Recommends

Did you listen to Wrong of Depeche Mode? It is one of my favorites recently.
The lyrics are appealing ;)

I was born with the wrong sign
In the wrong house
With the wrong ascendancy
I took the wrong road
That led to the wrong tendencies
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme
On the wrong day of the wrong week
I used the wrong method with the wrong technique

There’s something wrong with me
Cannot be something wrong with me
The wrong mix in the wrong genes
I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means
It was the wrong plan
In the wrong hands
With the wrong theory for the wrong man
The wrong lies, on the wrong vibes
The wrong questions with the wrong replies

I was marching to the wrong drum
With the wrong scum
Pissing out the wrong energy
Using all the wrong lines
And the wrong signs
With the wrong intensity
I was on the wrong page of the wrong book
With the wrong rendition of the wrong hook
Made the wrong move, every wrong night
With the wrong tune played till it sounded right yahyah

Too long

I was born with the wrong sign
In the wrong house
With the wrong ascendancy
I took the wrong road
That led to the wrong tendencies
I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme
On the wrong day of the wrong week
I used the wrong method with the wrong technique

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Consti Would Love to Have this Shelf!

Hey ain't it such a simple but awesome design? A book-shelf-annotation.
It says something to me...:o)

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lets Do Some Quantum

What do the laws of attraction propose? Call what good is.
Hm. One try is worthed...

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Can Those Visit Cards Really Win People?

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Business Card Design is a Serious Job!

Would you ever doubt creativity of your har dresser, if he has such a visit card?
I not.

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Thight Visit Card Pimpin...

This is another creative visit-card printed on a regular visit card paper. Well should I call it design or adoption?

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Visit Cards of the Lego Team

I have nea seen such lovely visit cards before! Wouwww
I likes it!

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Pull Me to Read

Ain't it highly proper and maningful design as a personal trainer visit card?
I love the idea!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

How to Look Aversive?

A gigantic teddy to hug, a dress resembles a tutu skirt, a pink helium baloon, in addition to pipe tone speaking and all possible juvenile manners...

This says barely HATE ME.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fantastic Findings

Hell yeah...fake breast hair.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Berlusconi is a Naughty Boy!

Even though the publishing of photos taken by paparazzi at Italian PM's Silvio Berlusconi's estate in Sardinia was censured in Italy, the Spanish newspaper El Pais released 5 photos today.

According to various news, Berlusconi is quite nervous and stressed since two days. Futhermore, it is known that the advocates of Berlusconi are in an attempt twards the Spanish paper. Silvio Berluscni said this is an assault on private life. No one shwers nakes, and the gals were at a private house in a jacuzzi, thus it is normal that they were topless and with tanga...

El Pais says, this is no more private life. A 72-year-old PM is naked with numerous girls in a villa indicates that he is using his position for his personal ties. The non-approved thing is this point.

Besides El Pais, the Italian magazine Oggi published a phot under the title "Berlusconi´s Harem", where there were women sitting on his knees.

He hit the headlines by his divorce and since ever he is there...

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Decided to Stay as a Frog...

Don't kiss! Go away...GO!

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RIP David Carradine

The Bill of legendary movie Kill Bill found dead in a hotel room. Still not known if it was a suicide or a sexual fantasy accident. Who cares the reason in deed? Now he is no more there and here it comes for his loving memory:

Bill's Death

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No Granma No Please!

Grandma naked...oehh

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Thursday, June 4, 2009


This photo is taken in Amman yesterday, on Wednesday June 3, by AP photographer Mohammad Abu Ghosh.

A jordanian man is selling inflatable pool toys on traffic lights.
Such a colorful palette!

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Papi Chulo's Street Version Rocks


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Consti Seeks a Voluntary Personal Assistant!

Actually my prospective assistant needs neither to be dazzy nor sexy as in the illustration above.
Having a laptop, ability of using MS Office tools, being careful are the necessary features.
I do not promise any salary, but foor for living during the shift.

Please apply to Consti Career Services.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It is incredible how I cook lately! I turned intoa gal just like an experienced turkish-housewife! Whenever I cook, it is delicious and a good examplar of Turkish cousine.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Morning!

Consti wishes a bright day!

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Monday, June 1, 2009


Thi is the very first day of SUMMER 2009. Thus I need to celebrate it.
I'm off today.
Gone fishing...

Hm. I'm sophisticated. What did you expect? This is CONSTI!

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