Thursday, February 26, 2009

THY Uçak Kazası - -25 Şubat 2009 - - Amsterdam

Like every other accident, this one also brought sorrow to me, since I suffered one, personally.
I am sure everyone red about it, deplored.

This is expressed perfectly by the sentences of Ahmet Altan in his Taraf column.

There you go:

"kaderimizin belirlendiği anla, o kaderi öğrendiğimiz an arasındaki o saf “cehaletimiz” bana hep insanoğlunun en acıklı çaresizliği olarak gözükür."

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Silencio! Shhh

Just a pinch of peace and silence I need.

silencio, eterno y mudo como el recuerdo
del amor que tu me diste,
silencio, tan grande, tan vacío y tan muerto,
como quema este dolor del silencio
que llena cada espacio en mi cuerpo,
como duele este silencio de amor...

Though not in this sense, nice theme song for this note.

For those who r interested, here is the link to the track:

post scriptum: this song is dedicated to Tufan Pyrrha.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Itz shitty...Consti didn't like it.

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Monday, February 16, 2009


I am still not typing a single-shitty-letter but doing the homework of Didi (Dilara) my 11-year-old cousin online.
Well, I dunno how I gonna end up.

Hm btw. I've two Didis. The other Didi, my soul sista, called me, I even burst into tears by her voice. I simply do love her. Good to have a pure friendship to trust like family.

I am such a lazy ass not to type, but so full of responsibility, not to leave the desk...Aghhh

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Trans Music is Out

I used to find house music cool. This morning I suddenly changed my mind. Nothing can be like real flying notes from real intruments. I adore violin, sax, and procrastination.
Gosh I'm not studying.

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New order for the Diss'n - Ugh

I've chocolate prints on my keyboard and new ideas about the thesis in my mind.
Türkün aklı sonradan gelir aq
Why didn't I thought of this before?

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Manche Träume Können in Erfüllung Gehen

Das kann ich nicht glauben dass, meiner Traum in Erfüllung gegangen ist. Erst habe ich auf meiner Vater geträumt. Ich habe ihm über mein Reisen erzählt u dann hat er mir gefragt ob ich Geld habe. Ich habe ihm nein gesagt, deshalb hat er mir einen Geldstrauß gegeben.

Am Morgen habe ich mit meiner Mutti telefoniert. Ich habs zu ihr weitererklärt. Während dem Telefongespräch, hatte ich ein Umschlag in die Hand u habs geöffnet...Ich musste Gespräch meiner Mutti hereinplatzen um zu sagen dass ich ne Stipendium bekommen.

Das was zauberisch. Danke papa ;)

*Bleiben Sie Dran!~Consti Reports*

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Keep'em Out

One thing they I really don't like about close-friendship-ringz is: "lover of the friend".
I u wanna keep ur best-friend-circle as it is, then never let the girl friends-boy friends take place in best-friend-gatherings. I dislike concubines of ma mates.

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