Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Consti Has Beaten the Cyclopes

Although I did not manage to reach Ithaca yet, I already got the point that its the journey it matters* My journey was not the easiest one. I fell down for a number of times. It hurted. At least I can say, I managed to stand up once again, cleaned the dust off me, and kept walking despite my bleeding knees. The journey costed much till now, thus I can't turn back. Hah, turning back? Who wants it? I'll climb till the very end and plant my flag on the climax**.

That is why Consti is a hero. Consti will save you too. Hope does not make happy, but happiness it worthed to be hoped. Keep hoping, dear reader..:)

*but still the destination as well. I am not that mature ok?! I "WANT". -> Lola gets...

** All I need is a piece of, really a tiny pinch of peace'n happyness to drive me further.


When setting out upon your way to Ithaca,
wish always that your course be long,
full of adventure, full of lore.
Of the Laestrygones and of the Cyclopes,
of an irate Poseidon never be afraid;
such things along your way you will not find,
if lofty is your thinking, if fine sentiment
in spirit and in body touches you.
Neither Laestrygones nor Cyclopes,
nor wild Poseidon will you ever meet,
unless you bear them in your soul,
unless your soul has raised them up in front of you.

Wish always that your course be long;
that many there be of summer morns
when with such pleasure, such great joy,
you enter ports now for the first time seen;
that you may stop at some Phoenician marts,
to purchase there the best of wares,
mother-of-pearl and coral, amber, ebony,
hedonic perfumes of all sorts--
as many such hedonic perfumes as you can;
that you may go to various Egyptian towns
to learn, and learn from those schooled there.

Your mind should ever be on Ithaca.
Your reaching there is your prime goal.
But do not rush your journey anywise.
Better that it should last for many years,
and that, now old, you moor at Ithaca at last,
a man enriched by all you gained upon the way,
and not expecting Ithaca to give you further wealth.

For Ithaca has given you the lovely trip.
Without her you would not have set your course.
There is no more that she can give.

If Ithaca seems then too lean, you have not been deceived.
As wise as you are now become, of such experience,
you will have understood what Ithaca stands for.

Constantine P. Cavafy

*Keep Tuned~Consti Reports*

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