Friday, June 26, 2009

Rest in Peace MJ

The legend of pop, the most shining star of pop passed away. He was about to do his final comeback since after almost a decade.

He is a piece of my childhood'n teenages. I feel quite oldened. If even MJ dies, I must have been grown up looong ago.

My favorit was smooth criminal, thriller and b.jean. Still all the others are echoing in my speakers now. I'm baaaaaad I'm baaaaaaaad..:)


"it don't matter if you are black or white"

"just beat it,beat it, beat it,beat it"

I love his personal style. This is one of the things about him that I'll miss much. His unique charism. He is the one that a generation may come across only for once, the one who changed the history of music. He is truly global.

Rest in peace moonwalker. Immortality suits you well.
Greet "The King" Elvis there.


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