Monday, June 22, 2009

Dark Souls

Nowadays I am observing a friend of mine being beated by the 'self' by the fierce side of her soul.
On one hand I find the recent tendencies and behaviours totally odd, and on the other side I know this is a piece of all of us. In the name of being 'friends' I made a speech with a proper way of saying what is going wrong in my friend. Still 1) no cure can come from outside other than a piece of advice 2)this is not the person I used to know till today, thus I feel like distancing myself.

This subject is all about dilemmas.

I disapprove the person due to lack of self reformation. I agree that everyone may come across to an examination of dark side of the own, but still I guess at least in the public sphere we are mostly programmed to hide this part, although the war between the sides go on in the soul. When the primitive side becomes visible in the social arena, this makes the person the dumbest ever. The cures of some senses like greed, jealousy, pride must be sought inside. Otherwise they turn to be grubs nibbling the soul besides tearing off you from your friends, reduces the sincerity in between and the trust, as well. I mean, if yo cannot even cure your own sides, how can I lean on you when I get introuble with my soul and emotions? I am a Turkish woman where the word "friend" sourced out "where you lean your back".

If your soul is dark, and dampens mine, it is no more something from outside help. I cannot help. I can only cure myself, and expect the counterpart to do so. This is the very dangerous path to alienation. I observe a soul seeking refuge to others to find a path and melting in the wrong emotions of the id, the very rough and animal like side of the personality.

When I think of the situation I can't help pronouncing the perfect German word defining it: fremdschämen --> vicarious embarrasment.

I hope we never fall in traps of the soul and id...

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