Friday, June 5, 2009

Berlusconi is a Naughty Boy!

Even though the publishing of photos taken by paparazzi at Italian PM's Silvio Berlusconi's estate in Sardinia was censured in Italy, the Spanish newspaper El Pais released 5 photos today.

According to various news, Berlusconi is quite nervous and stressed since two days. Futhermore, it is known that the advocates of Berlusconi are in an attempt twards the Spanish paper. Silvio Berluscni said this is an assault on private life. No one shwers nakes, and the gals were at a private house in a jacuzzi, thus it is normal that they were topless and with tanga...

El Pais says, this is no more private life. A 72-year-old PM is naked with numerous girls in a villa indicates that he is using his position for his personal ties. The non-approved thing is this point.

Besides El Pais, the Italian magazine Oggi published a phot under the title "Berlusconi´s Harem", where there were women sitting on his knees.

He hit the headlines by his divorce and since ever he is there...

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Mike Licht said...

So Berlusconi likes young stuff. Much ado about nothing. The age of consent in Italy is 16 (14 on Saturday night).