Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Turkish Mocha

Have you ever had a cup off well foamed Turkish Mocha? No?!
Whadda big loss!!!
It is delicious and digestive. It is served in mini tiny cups alike espresso cups. The coffee is cooked at a low heat in a pot. The more foam you have in your cup, more successful it is cooked.
It is served with a glass of water and a couple of Turkish delight. You take a sip from the water before you begin sipping your mocha. This cleans your mouth. Then you drink some water afterwards, in order to clean your mouth from the small coffee particles.
The coffee and water never mixes homogeneous. The rest coffee is piles up in the bottom of the cup.
This rest coffee promises much fun.

If you turn your saucer and place it over your cup, then by placing your thumb finger on it you turn the entire cup upside down and leave it a side for approximately 5 minutes.
Afterwards you friend opens it and tells fortune through the forms left on your cup and on the saucer.

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