Monday, May 25, 2009


Now I am hanging around with an odd-cheap tatoo on my right arm, dome by a friend -Kryska actually ehehee- in the library.

For some time I tought of having a tatoo, but on my back, somewhere close to my neck. I will not tell what I deamt of having. (Yes I am jealous if someone should like the idea and gets it done)

Then I changed my mind. I don't want to imprion my complexion under artificial colors, patterns et cetera. Having it temporary is a better idea. So that from time to time I may have something on my body, till is vanised. If I wanna have it longer, it is possible to get it done once. But If I get bored of it & wanna have something new, it is still possible.

The emancipatio that is provided by a temporary tattoo is unbearably light :)

As for piercings...I am pro- side of the sbj ;)

*Keep Tuned~Consti Reports*

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