Monday, May 4, 2009

Consti the Chatterbox

Consti does something to appreciate. I've gone through some displeasing times and now I am about to do something nice and go on a breathtaking trip. This is going to be special to me. I am excited, contagious. I have my notes in my hands to discover a land that I've neva been. I know I gonna LOVE it. It will be thrilling to trace the Ottoman left-overs.

Still, I have to admit that a piece of my mind and heart is wrapped up in Didi. Anyway, this is not dramatic, she will be fine soon. Sure. I love her. She is my one and only ally.

I recently realized that this is my 10th year under a university. Ain't a long studentship? I wanna get PhinisheD ASAP and go something new. I am getting more enthusiastic. But first I need a real job in a university.

Well I know I am wandering off a lot tonight but last thing I wanna put is about a name I came at internet internet. The Chickipedia! I split with laughter. Tight pimpin, huh? :)) Creative.

I go'n sleep and leave a nice but demode song here. Enjoy it! Love you all...

*Keep Tuned~Consti Reports*

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