Thursday, May 28, 2009

Color Psychology

What are your favorite colors to wear? I tend to pick white, orange or black mainly.
From the chromoherapy a.k.a light therapy or color therapy, each color you put on brings some energy.

For instance, if it is GREEN it has a healing effect.
YELLOW is good for an uplift in mood.
RED is for boosting the self-esteem
WHITE helps refreshing. It helps deleting negative emotions and bring the energy for new beginnings.
GRAY - BLACK brings blending in people, getting invisible, makes turning inside. A little bit sad and depressive it is; though it is a fashion basic.
ORANGE - boosts creativity and gives energy.
BLUE - Comforting, calming, chilling
PURPLE - Hm. It is controversial. According to some sources it makes one distinguished; and for some, it is a neurotic color for those who tend to to commit a suicide. (Uiii scary) I guess it depends how you explain your choice.

Hm I wrote'em down, still I doubt if they are universal or not.
I believe NOT.

Well, stay away from pale palettes and COLOR UP!

*Keep Tuned Consti Reports*

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