Thursday, April 2, 2009

Washington and Moscow Coming Closer

Barack Hussein Obama and Dmitriy Medvedev realised their most anticipated meeting in London. Afterwards they released that the two countries are to negotiate a new nuclear arms reduction treaty. Also they declared with a joint statement that they are "ready to move beyond Cold War mentalities and chart a fresh start in relations between two countries". So, as Biden said in Febuary at the Conference in Munich, they pressed reset button in the Moscow-Washington relations.
Suddenly I could not avoid recalling George W. Bush "having a personal chemistry with Putin". Though, they could never put off their mutual mistrusts. Anyway, the cordial relations amongst leaders is not the way international affairs function. Interests count. This time it sounds that, as it is highlighted a lot by the White House that, the nations will cooperate where their profits intersect. Thus, the more emphasis will be made on common interests rather than the clashing points. More business, less struggle. Sounds so. Yet, lets wait and see. I am dudely hopeful.

I wonder about the news regarding the anti-missile system that the U.S. was installing in Europe and Russia was opposing harshly. I wanna hear something about that actually. That would make a real, concrete difference. But I guess untill some touched are done with Iran, the anti-missile system would not be abolished-diminished (whateva) by the United States. Or perhaps the anti-missile system knot would be solved after the meeting regarding the nuclear arms reduction. That makes sense. Hmm, then this issue cannot be resolved before the year-end.

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