Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Outbreak - The World Health Organization Raised Global Pandemic Alert On!!!

Fears of pandemic is rising. In Mexico the death toll already reached at 80. The World Health Organization says the swine-flu-virus carries a pandemic potential. When the passengers flying from the America Continent to the European airports, that are carrying flu-like symptoms are being hospitalized and checked-up for the virus. Aleady 2 British are hospitalized in Scotland after a holiday in Mexico and they are confirmed of having the virus. In Spain, a man has tested positive for swine flu and 17 other people are under investigation. France found 2 suspected cases. There are 3 cases reported in NRW of Germany. Israel even reported its first case this week.

Swine flue is a respiratory disease. The virus spreads human to human via breath and particles by coughing and sneezing. It is advised not to kiss, not to shake hands until the alert turns off. Even carrying a mask is couraged but simultaneously people are also warned against masked thieves. Good hygiene like using a tissue and washing hands thoroughly can help reduce transmission.

Pfff wtf is this now?!! Moreova I wonder if I lost my sweet friend because of such a shit...
Sad. so sad.

Gosh, whadda world.

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