Saturday, April 11, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - JAI HO!

"Money and women. The reasons for make most mistakes in life. Looks like you've mixed up both."

Consti finally managed to see the movie sweeping the Oscars!
Now what am I gonna write may involve spoilers, I better warn in the very beginning.

Initially I have to emphasize that, the story of the film is pretty dazzling. The author of this films novel is an Indian diplomat, working right now in India Embassy to South Africa. His book must be read as well as the shooting script. The story of the film has a touch of fairytales. As soon as I clear up the dissertation, I will turn to hard-copy version of it.

Anyone, coming from the continent Asia may find some familiar emotions, scenes or even experiences in own country, and even own life. Destiny, slums, money-women, climbing the social class as rags to riches...

"it is the only phone number I know"

Honestly, I would not expect a British director telling an Indian story without orientalist. approaches. Either I overlooked or he really did it right.

Its soundtrack will be playing in the backgound while Im busy with my madding script. "Ringa Ring" in the soundtrack is my favorit. I enjoy Indian tunes.

The cliché happy-end conversation was sweet:

Jamal: I knew you'd be watching.
Latika: I thought we'd meet again only in death.
Jamal: This is our destiny.
Latika: Kiss me.

In the very end, Latika looks much older than Jamal.
Hah, Jamal looks alike Arda Turan of Galatasaray...forgive my photoshop disability:

Oh, the dancing final scene dashed a brilliant Bollywood flavour.

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