Friday, April 24, 2009

She is Miss Universe Contestant!!!!!

Is it the best model Australia could send to the contest?

She is just skin and bones!!! I can count her ribs... She definitely looks like those photos of starving poor Africans. She is just too bony. No curves, no tits, no sexy bums, no proportion. She looks definitely scary and she should not be the role model of any teenagers.

She is 180 cm and only 49 kg this makes her body mass index 15.1!!!Which already hints that she is hardly any healthy. She is obviously malnourished and suffers an eating disorder. According to the news The World Health Authority rates people with a BMI of less than 18 as malnourished. The WHA advices using models only with 20 BMI.

I wonder why did they let her compete. She was supposed to be ousted because she is underweight.

Anyway, it is visible that this look is no attractive, no sexy/hot/magnetic, no beautiful nor proportionate. This is something to be abolished from the screens and catwalks since it is SICK.

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