Friday, April 17, 2009

Consti Has Nutters as Friends

Koko volunteered to be appointed to Iraq for a stay till the end of this summer. Whaddda holiday itz gonna be Koko!!
She does not give a shit what she leaves behind or what she will come across there. She simply decided to live this experience and headed off...right after she received a 2 level promotion at once.
Thatz my gal. Hell yeah!!!

Nah lovely audience, when do we visit her there? Ah, Im even excited...:))

*Keep Tuned~Conti Reports*

1 comment:

koko said...

Consti, you are always welcome to visit me there. It would be real fun being with you in the streets of Iraq, especially when our "mmmmm" experience on the campus is considered! :)

Oh, your words about leaving things behind made me think about it. I think the only ones I care about are my cat and my sexy high heels! :)