Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Humanoid CB2

The University of Osaka, Grad. School of Engineering developed a new humanoid robot, namely CB2, who acts like little one-year-old to three-year-old baby boy. He is flinging his legs as he sits on a chair, he stands up with the help of someone, wobbles whilst walking, moves his shoulders as if he breaths. It is designed to develop social skills by interacting with adult-humans, learning expressions, speaking properly, mimicking a mother-baby relationship.

CB2 is 130 cm tall and weihts 33kg. CB means Child robot with Biomimetic Body.
CB2 has almost 200pressure sensorts so that he can recognizea touch of human and react it. He has got 51 "muscles" that work wih air pressure.
Since he was developed, he learned how to walk with the help of a human. Now, professors expect him being able to talk with simple sentences in one year time.
So he is manufactured with a developing intelligence (to till three years old but no more)
He has got the mimics of a child.

I found three videos on youtube about CB2 (video 1, video 2 , video 3)

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