Friday, April 3, 2009

An Aphorism from a Friend of Consti's

Yesterday I was by a friend of mine. She complaints that the boy friend is a typical German, tended to pay the bills seperately. She is partly right that, in a normal date, the man is expected to invite the woman, according to general etiquette.

Here is what my friend said:

"It is the duty of the woman is to look good and its man's duty to invite"

If you wonder: No, I did not react. This is a matter of menthality, culture, installed values etc. This is her view, thus I kept my silence.

I would love to have koko there at that moment...;)
Farlimas as well, to hear her sociological resolution.

*Keep Tuned~Consti Reports*


koko said...

I am happy I wasn't there at that moment! :) Shame! How come a woman can reduce herself to that position?

The only thing I can agree here is that it is man's duty to pay! :))

CONSTI said...

Dear Koko :) I remember you showing me a video, where 3-4 couples were sitting around a dining table. Whilst men were speakin' about "men stuff" like politics, women were supposed chat on decoration, babies and so on. One of the women was expressing some views and the husband was badly ashamed of. Also the other women threw disapproving looks.

That video is directly related to this case...