Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You'll Like the News

Good morning world!

I dunno what are you busy with, after U manage to wake up with the help of a cup of coffee...Perhaps you are just into craps and time killers or perhaps u r one of the productive peoples team.

Anyway, thatz your problem.

According to the studies of the Vanderbilt University's "Institute for Coffee Studies" the coffee consumed on a daily basis, in reasonable amounts reduces the risk of colon cancer,parkinson, cirrhosis, diabetes and hepatite type 2.


Moreover some evidences indicate that it also prevents formation of teeth cavities, escalates good-mood and in some cases stops head-aches.

University of Athens researchers came up with that the major blood vessels of the coffee drinkers have more stiffness than non-drinkers.

Scranton University researchers claim that, the best antioxidan beverage is coffee, which is followed by black tea.

I can enlengthen the list, but I better study on my own research topic...

After drinking your coffee, do not waste your energy on ephemeralities. Do something productive.

Lord, I spread social messages.

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