Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 8 - International Women's Day

As we left behind another March 8, Women's Day, which was relative silently mentioned in the media, I had a chance to read some factual data related to the female position in the globe.

According to the script, whilst 2/3 of the world's job is done by women, 10% of the global income goes in their pocket. How fair(!) It was also written that 70% of the people under poverty are women. Hm, makes sense after the first statement actually. If they can't earn they can't be expected to purchase, right? Correlatively, approximately 1% of the entire world domain is possessed by women. As for the managerial positions (managers below top executers are considered), only 7% of the managers are composed of females. However in public sector 18-20% of the top managers are women. With the academic positions we see a better female presence, around 38% of all professors are women. Is it all about unequality? Nope. For instance, pursuant to a study done 5 years ago, 2004, there is no considerable gender difference in terms of unemployment.

Just wanted to share.

As for women abuse etc, I am hardly any motivated. My word can neva be enough to express this theme. In the simplest form lemme just say: Thatz sad.

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