Monday, March 16, 2009

The Crap in My Room

Crap #1: Weird cups'n mugs, including even Didle mugs. Anyhow I can prepare delicious cappucino.

Crap #2: A calendar helping me recalling my deadlines, road maps of my periphery (yes I do get lost from time to time. I can hardly orientate myself any), cooking recipies and in case they can't be helpful then delivery services. (my favorit is pizza as a usual student)

Crap #3: Woodoo Doll!!! I already burned it. Hahaa just kiddin baby! Calm down.

Crap #4: Here in Germany I installed another superstition of keeping at home something made up of honeycomb. Thus I've this honeycomp candle at home. It is said to be preventive against bad energies. Hence I'm safe now right? Hell yeah :)

Crap #5: There I've a mini-tiny toy car, which functions by pulling backwards. I find it highly appealing.

Crap #6: Mocca cup and that brown stuff is Turkish mocca. Have you evet heard of cup reading? Kind'a fortune telling through the mocca prints.

Crap #7: Well, its good to save some money especially in crisis times and if you are a student.

Crap #8: All the countless crap on and around my desk.

I wonder about the crap in the rooms of others. Tell me what do you have there?

*Keep Tuned~Consti Reports*


koko said...

I guess the woodoo doll and Turkish coffee cups+readings mean more to me and remind me of old lazy summer days and chats in your garden. Anyway, as for the stuff in my room, believe me you wouldn't want to know!

Yorumla artık nasıl yorumlarsan :p

Consti said...

Yeah those were lovely days, you and me strolling around on our flying brooms, and watching all the mess in our crystal globes, making funny'n childish woodoos and gigling afterwards...Ah those were the dayz my friend..:)

btw. u can tell be about the crépe in your room as well :P