Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bi Kere O Eli Bi İndir

Through the media, which can be hardly found any reliable, I already red the reactions regarding the approach of Turkey to Arab-Israeli conflict. This approach was loudly pronounced in WEF/Davos .

According to the news, especially Iranians were delighted by the daring, unequiocal and capital words of Erdoğan saying Shimon Perez "You Know Well How To Kill". It makes sense when the media expounds Iran is rejoiced by this happenning. But yesterday I witnessed this rapture personally, a couple of Iranians somwhow extended their feelings about our Prime Minister. The adjectives used to refer David Ignatius were the hardest ever.

Actually, I believe that the physical contact started by Ignatius was strictly wrong, since it means "shut up". A prime minister is existing there represnting a country, not on his behalf like an academic, thus, those leaders have to be approached with maximum care. The next step of a body language expression meaning "shup of" could be coming to blows meaning "no I wanna go on!!!"

This ONE MINUTE stuff is something else, that I'll get there too ;)

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