Monday, March 9, 2009

Acrostic Tendencies

This morning I came up with a dull idea of writing a poem for the two goldish women of mine, Didi'n'Didi.

Even though I ended with weird and funny verses, who cares. I wrote them down in a couple of minutes; where the one written for Didi the Duchess, is a reverse acroctic, where each stich has 10 syllables. I can't help reading and smiling each time. Highly childish, and much fun.

There you go:

Masumiyetler Bir Bir Yiterken,
En Derinde Kabuğunda İnci,
Dostum Lombardiya'nın Düşesi.
İletişiriz Lisan-ı Gözle,
Dünya ve Ahirette Birlikte.

The one written for the Didi Jr, a.k.a Princess Fiona, is more childish, but still well matching with the subject. There is no syllabic meter, but its also an acroctic. Actually I would have never tried to write a poem, unless there was an acroctic intention.

There her poem is:

Dünyada en güzel kokan çiçek,

İnsanlar arasında bir melek.
Limonun ablasıdır o,
Arada iki kardeşi yemek gerek.
Rahatım yerinde olsa da özlerim onu,
Artık vakti geldi; buluşmalu ve coşmalu.

This made me giddy. The first one, I already mailed. The one for the Pricess Fiona will be sent via a post card. She will be mad of it, no doubt.

Lets see, whatz gonna be the next artistic ardor of Consti.
Oh, shez such an artist.

*Keep Tuned~Consti Reports*

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