Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Sheet(!) of Blog

After strolling through some neighboringing states, visiting some cities, having a genuine xmas with a much much lovely true german family, who made me feel as the second doughter of the household, and after celebrating the new year in a schicki-micki club's vip lodge which means having a table with some bottles on it as tall as a leg of mine- (what a coarse script has this been, omg!) I am supposed to be relieved of all the stress on me...And ready for a fresh start with ma diss'n?!! Then why am I stedily gorging, runnin' around, watering the plants, baking brezeln but cannot keep my damn ass on the chair in front of the desk? What a cliché! I need creative methods, a least smth better than gorging. I dislike blogs, including mine.

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