Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Consti for Open Supermarkets

I had enough of my paper to night, lets make another break to complaint more.

One o the surprising things had been those looong long holidays of Germans, here in Germany, in winter time. We are blaming ourselves of having long holidays during Ramadan or Hyppodayz by comparing us to Europe. Lets drop it, Europe rocks, they have longer holidayz than we do ;) Today was another of them: Heilige Drei Könige Tag. Since xmas there was already a long holiday which merged with this weird day of Bayern. Finally tomorrow is gonna be a regular day with no special events and so. Actually I enjoy&love the holidays, still what I find nerving is closed supermarkts. I am coming from Türkei ok? There we have shops open till midnite! And here, on an ordinary day, the supermarkts close btw 18.00 pm -20.00 pm. This is tooo early for me! Having all of'em closed for a day time is more nerving for the same reason. Those people are really garnering food for the long holidays, since if you run our of something, then u r seriously in a trouble. Your only chance is finding a tankstelle shop. Here it -8 celsius under snow that is frozen. Trotzdem i'll get my butt out tomorrow to see some shops open and make some shopping.

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