Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leave Me In My Own Delirium

I am in the edge of falling in the come-hither arms of a pc game.

Yea every 10 minutes I can come up with a new hysterical crisis. Fear of becoming a Bridget Jones; being about to be hypnotized by a pc game....But I swear I heard Championship Manager callin me! - (Sure CM is my sponsor, they fund the blog, and I pronounce their name. U kno: Show Business...)

I already forgot about the B.Jones fear. I bent her down and kicked the shit outta her.
Now two options: either begin with the game or do some dissertation.

I am a wise gal.
I stop bloggin and go sleepin ;)

post scriptum: Have u ever seen ab-fab? The sit com? Absolutely Fabulous? Sometimes I catch myself acting and speakin like Patsy :-/ and even Eddie..This is really unfortunate.

Ready to Face Fears?

I kept this ass hours long in front of this desk. I need some sleep but I am afraid of having a nightmare. I have fears now a days that I feel they gonna meet me in my dreams. Would it get lighter if I share? Lets try and c:

Im afraid cuz: Since the damn day I began writing this blog, I developed the fear of being smth like Bridget Jones. What if I become something full in figure (uuups I am already), longing for love, feeble minded, in search for Mr. Right, all thumbs, a real dude...Annnnnd notes down these all in a shitty diary. Even the quantity of cigarettes consumed daily, in correlation with mood like serious statistix??? What if my blog turns into my diary so me into B.J? H*O*R*R*O*R
I even hear the theme of my blog already: Gabrielle - Out of Reach.

And will you be reading the promotion story of my ass from long johns to g-strings?

NO WAY! Should I deactivate the blog or wait and face my fear to defeat it. Can I be an emotional Rambo?

Ok I keep the blog but you better quit reading.
Much love.

Stay tuned...

Wir Haben Gespielt, Sie Haben Gewonnen

Das ist unfair. Wir haben 2 -3 minuten noch gebraucht, dann wir gewinnen könnten. Der Torwart, Rşt, hat mich erschöpft :S trotz allem... Wir haben nen guten Spiel geschaut u genossen.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Success is Doing Absolute Nothing!

What is success? Breaking world records in Olympics? Earning astronomic sums of money? Sending aerospace craft to Mars? Having a name called "aaaaand the winner is..." in Oscar Awards? ... I tell you: NONE

Real success is doing nothing. What I am speaking about is "absolute nothing". Just being at a standstill. Standby. Not watchin tv, not reading not chatting, not even looking around with thoughtful eyes, not eating, drinking, thinking...Real success is just sitting in front of the computer, eyes locked on the monitor but not looking, not even thinking, hands on the keyboard but not writing...Being able to sit like that by doing nothing is success.

I am successful. Highly.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Türken gegen Deutsche

Oi oi oiiii

Didzie hat mir wunderschönen Nachrichten gebracht *Juhuuuuu* Morgen abends werden wir das Match in der Deutsche Botschaft schauen. Um das Match zu schauen, würde ich gerne in Deutschland sein. Das war meiner Wunsch, der nicht in Erfüllung gehen konnte. Trotzdem kann ich so ähnliche Atmosphäre erleben!!!!!! Hammer geil, huh?

Maçla ilgili önemli uyarı: "Almanlar yenilince biz de yenilmiş mi sayılcaz?" esprisi yapanları ıslak meşe odunuyla dövüyorlarmış.

Einträchtig die Daumen drücken
Natürlich drücke ich die Daumen für uns, die Türken, wem denn sonst! :o)

I Better Wake Up

It doesn't matter whether I say "Im sleepy" or "Im sleepless".
Both means the same.
Uykuluyum...Uykusuzum...Uykuluyum...Uykusuzum...Im sleepy...Im sleepless....Im dumb :-/

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stupid Cycles and Procrastination

Even though I don't feel like writing any, I feel compelled to write in this weird blog. Perhaps itz because I dont wanna write my dissertation. What a stupid cycle. In any case I gotta write smth. Perhaps one day it may begin working other way. I may be so fed up with this blog that in order not to type any entries, I turn to my diss'n.

Another vicious cycle is with my water experience: Experts say "drink 3lt water/day for more clear complexion, less toxics, also for being fit, and helps loosing some pounds. Thatz wonderful. Its mainly for looking good. Ok, according to the theory, as I drink more water Im more beautiful and more likely to attrackt some nice guys. But at the same time that much water means more wee. *uups* U look better so eyes of some nice guys r on u. But U can't keep looking back so long cuz U gotta wee. I told ya. This is a vicious cycle.

This (this script) was not a very creative way of procrastination when I consider my master-piece: repotting flowers.


Research Result Release - Blog Audience

The audience of this blog is composed of entire government and state leaders, Hollywood-Bollywood promis, head-hunters and extra-terrestrals.

Stay tuned...

Does Sleeplessness Make High?

Actually this question mark bumped into my mind right after reading the lines I wrote last night on my blog. This happens occasionally, actually. I spend some time on writing my dissertation, especially during nights. And when I review'em in the morning, I feel somehow alienated to my own words. This applies to the e-mails I send late night. As I re-read my own words written to my counterpart, I feel weird; asking my self "why did I formulate the sentences so?" or "god! why did I write so?" When it is with my dissertation, I have several chances to reconstruct the verbalization, however with the e-mails, I find it a little bit embarrassing.

Why is it so?

Does Sleeplessness Make High?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

There We Go - Green Tea

In the middle of the nite, with no reason, there I begin with bloggin. The sole reason, why I right now created a blog page and writing there is "procrastination". I was supposed to be writing some damned scientific sentences on my doctoral script. Actually I've lotta subjects to deny. On the top of my list, we meet a classic, Facebook. The shitty but indispensable Facebook is followed by a cup of boring green tea. On third is Tomato, an-almost-PhD-holder and a procrastination-profi :) Hm we see "diet factor" on the fourth rank of my list; where my ass and tummy are still the same size but my nerves are now lighter.

Ich, hasse grüne tee mannnnn es schmeckt überhaupt nicht, es ist sau langweilig. Wie immer, weil es sehr gesund ist, hat kein attraktive Taste. Ich muss abnehmen. Das ist aus dem distorted beauty understanding ergebend *kotz* Ich muss, den ganzen Tag, auf meinem Arsch sitzen u meine Doktorarbeit schreiben. Dann, wie mann eine schöne Figur haben? Keineswegs! :( Mindestens kann ich meinen Mund mit dem beschissenen Tee okkupieren. Ich schwöre es, der schmeckt überhaupt nicht :)) - Trotzdem, Gott sei dank, esse oder rauche ich nicht als ich den G-Tee trinke.

Hmmm I spent for about 20 minutes while writing the foregoing lines. Now dissertation cries for some attention. I be a good gal and write at least some shitty lines to unburthen.