Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blog Job

Because i visited that therapy clinic yesterday i've lotta tell, besides since i've some deadlines within two days i'm squeezed and feel like procrastinating: blink blink!!! Today's pracrastination item is "blog job".

Yesterday was the day that I met my doc. Or shall I call her GRANDMA? Her trembling hands, oldy voice and white hair made me call her so. Whatever. I did numerous tests, yes-no test, 1 to 4 scale questions, fill-in-the blanks, complete the sentences...Before all she asked why I was there, we chatted a little bit. She took notes whilst speaking. Eventhough I am 26, eventhough I went there consciously, eventhough the most ignorant person on earth knows at least from the movies that therapists take notes during the interviews, I found it suspicious (me the duuuuuuuuuuuude), unfortunately I ould no read what she was noting there down.

Anyway, after approximately 90 minutes, she told me that I am obsessed in security matters
Huh????? WTF? Obsession? In need of an often and compact program of therapy, she prescribed me a "light" antidepressant (I would love to yell at her "do you mean Im fat? Why light huh whyyyy? But then i digged that that "light" was not indicating calories.)

I told her that I will never swallow those bloody medication! She insised. I let hte grandma write me the prescription, but I'll never buy'em.

May the god bless her, she directed me to an other therapist. This time not a psychiatrist but a behavioral scientist.
Hope to meet a chick this time. I'll tell 19 days later.

keep tuned

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