Friday, August 8, 2008

Dedicated to Duchess of Lombardia

08.08.2008...A date blessed by Chinese due to the magic of the number eight, due its form resembling the eternity symbol. blah blah...who cares! Whist the heavy international agenda was stirred up by the initiation of Olympics, Russia storming into Georgia (of Bush aligned Sakashvili...) South Ossetia; and EU tightening the sanctions on Iran; Emperor Consti(v.a) and the innocent Duchess of Lombardia were taking a day semi-off by turning off their appointments; their majesties dissolved unwarranted worries, cropped the future, refreshed the harmony in their minds, hearts and spirits by drinking liters of coke, sparkling water, iced cafe latte etc. The spontaneous act of pausing their intensive programs with the representatives of various regions is initially could not be interpreted by the news agencies in any way. By a release realized by the palace of her majesty, it is understood that the aim was to leave the stage to new speculations and execute those who speculates, besides massing with soulful each others...From today on, the charming Duchess of Lombardia will assess the forthcoming candidate of name-kept-secret location of the east for 3 dayz and then either he will be super-poked from the neck harshly, or he will be dignified by being appointed to the duty to be in charge of collecting the taxes from the name-kept-secret location of her majesti Consti's lands.

Her Majesti Consti will be progressively punitive in the forthcoming two weeks for those envious hearts and eyes...-God forbid!!!-

This sanctified day with the Candy Duchess of Lombardia will take place in history books, chronicles and yearbooks.

Besides a new seal and impress, H.E. Consti dedicated this blog - entry to the Lombardian Duchess.

My the God Bless Them.

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