Monday, July 14, 2008

Viva Consti!

I hate family members speaking about my careeer plans, mingling with what I'm doing and trying to fix me in a state institution. The sole reason is that I am staying here in Ankara. If I go, settle my self far away then I would be the bad gal leavin mom behind, alone. When I try to balance my future plans and my family responsibilities, then its not appreciated but they are still trying to flow into my own equation. I hardly bear this, and I wonder how long can I keep my silence and keep on doing my own business by not breaking hearts.
Does magic work? I guess I need it.
What I dream of and hanker and work for are so far away from what they want me to be.
I want to establish my world and I swear I will do this.. I don't need no ones support. I am the empress ;) Her majesty can do this on her own and walk against the storm.
Viva Consti
Viva Warrior
Viva Consti
Viva Constiiiiiiii

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koko said...

I know what you mean! In this case, one usually has three options: giving up on his/her own dreams/plans and doing whatever they instruct (!), or keeping quiet and living for the day when s/he will prove them wrong by realizing their own plans, or getting mad, taking out his/her anger on them, stopping seeing some of them and trying harder on what you want. I chose the third one although it looks more exhausting at the first glance. I now have less relatives, a better job and a happier life!

They always try to infect you with what's already known and tried. But, as I told them too, if there weren't people who were determined and persistent enough to pursue their dreams, it wouldn't be possible to change anything in the world, either at micro or macro levels. Don't give up honey! We believe you! Consti's gonna rule the world, her own world,and they are gonna watch ;)