Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Even though this dissertation, in addition to translation stuff coming every single day and the burden flowing from the University, and keeping the social life at least at a certain level, besides self care (OK its not something that I'm successful at but at least I'm trying constant exercising every evening) I feel that I like joggling a number of balls simultaneously.

Or perhaps the above running sentence is a cognitive indicator that I'm tired and somehow fed up and trying to calm down my subconsciousness. I donno. *ugh*

Hm..and still Im longing for friends and atmosphere and city of Ddorf.

I'll be back.

I'm the legend.

Legenz gonna be back.



Cagri said...

consti mou yavru mou! hang in there baby! naturally you feel tired, juggling too many things at once precisely has that effect :) miss you!

Consti said...

Çavroşcum, agapi mou, 2 step ötemden giden sen varken bnm söylenmem sızlanmam şımarıklık, haksızlık. Utandım bak şimdi. I highly appreciate you.
We gotta speak face to face. We'll make it, seriously. Luv ya sista.