Saturday, July 12, 2008

From Marquez's Infeasibile Prodigy to Time Killing Pages of Internet

It s so gorgeous to begin a day by laughing. Thanks god, that is what I have done today. This morning, by waking up around 04.30 a.m unconsciously and unplanned I managed to have kinda spiritual purification. I somehow celebrated the rising sun and crowned it by reading some lines from "Love in the Time of Cholera". G.G.Marquez is so holy so adorable with his nuts style. I donno how to define it, but lemme say at least it is a kind of oneiric reality. I remember reading crazy happenings in his One Hundred years of Solitude as well; like some one being disturbed by the noise of the dead people upstairs; a village falling into wakefulness illness and beginning to forget every single thing; rains lasting four years; again a dead man pissing by a walnut tree etc etc. This morning I couldn't help bursting into laughter because of Dr. Urbino refusing his camomile tea on the ground that it tastes like window...While reading at a pace none of the aforementioned unfeasible incidents attract the attention. The reader keeps on reading as if what is told is the most ordinary thing on earth. But as it is considered for a second time, what has been read, than the reader cannot avoid designating G. G. Marquez as "nuts" and cannot help the enthusiasm for more of Marquez writings. I can never get enough of it.

I am not such a cream de la cream, elite, intellectual personality just to read distinguished peaces of world literature; modern methodologies of political science and recent articles and news on my theme...I cannot avoid keeping pace with the recent Hollywood gossips, fashion pages and shitty esoteric stuff besides astrology sites. I love'em so don't judge me and let it go. Of course, I will never reveal my own sources, find your owns if you are interested. What I wanna share is a shitty sentenced I read in one of those pages, which I will use in a shopping session:

"Does This Bracelet Make Me Look Fat?"

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