Monday, July 14, 2008

Damn Ill Mannered Men and my Sisters

I've lotta to speak about the matter, but short of time, thus lemme briefly and promptly curse a couple of evil man:
God damn the obsessed low quality, cheap guy darkenning the life of my angel-like, dearie, Lombardian duchess, sista Didzie, so mine. The hardly any human selfish, rough guy. Poor him. Distorted psychology is his problem.
The man of gestures(!) namely disconnect-- is the second item of our curse list, who led my brain switch into standby by mentioning the gestures he has done(!!) for the my rebellious tough plate the Best Turkish Dish Ever .
Thirdly I feel compelled to mention the asshole, who hardly any deserves my red-hot-pretty-arduous Beatrix.
We see the guy capturing the beautiful-like-a-pearl Eileen, that I still wonder at his existence around her. I damn them all. I gonna get into deeper analyzes soon.

Stay tuned.

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