Sunday, June 22, 2008

There We Go - Green Tea

In the middle of the nite, with no reason, there I begin with bloggin. The sole reason, why I right now created a blog page and writing there is "procrastination". I was supposed to be writing some damned scientific sentences on my doctoral script. Actually I've lotta subjects to deny. On the top of my list, we meet a classic, Facebook. The shitty but indispensable Facebook is followed by a cup of boring green tea. On third is Tomato, an-almost-PhD-holder and a procrastination-profi :) Hm we see "diet factor" on the fourth rank of my list; where my ass and tummy are still the same size but my nerves are now lighter.

Ich, hasse grüne tee mannnnn es schmeckt überhaupt nicht, es ist sau langweilig. Wie immer, weil es sehr gesund ist, hat kein attraktive Taste. Ich muss abnehmen. Das ist aus dem distorted beauty understanding ergebend *kotz* Ich muss, den ganzen Tag, auf meinem Arsch sitzen u meine Doktorarbeit schreiben. Dann, wie mann eine schöne Figur haben? Keineswegs! :( Mindestens kann ich meinen Mund mit dem beschissenen Tee okkupieren. Ich schwöre es, der schmeckt überhaupt nicht :)) - Trotzdem, Gott sei dank, esse oder rauche ich nicht als ich den G-Tee trinke.

Hmmm I spent for about 20 minutes while writing the foregoing lines. Now dissertation cries for some attention. I be a good gal and write at least some shitty lines to unburthen.


Cagri said...

Consti mou, procrastination is the inevitable key skill one masters as an art when one is doing a phd :))

koko said...

Writing something else may help you concentrate on your dissertation more-who knows! But I am sure when you are trying to "proctastinate" , we, the readers, will have fun ;)


Consti said...

I, actually, owe a deep debt of gratitude for those who typed the very first comments on my Blog.

I gotta wipe the tears flowing through my cheeks.

Thank you (hysterically)...Thank you ladies