Monday, June 23, 2008

Stupid Cycles and Procrastination

Even though I don't feel like writing any, I feel compelled to write in this weird blog. Perhaps itz because I dont wanna write my dissertation. What a stupid cycle. In any case I gotta write smth. Perhaps one day it may begin working other way. I may be so fed up with this blog that in order not to type any entries, I turn to my diss'n.

Another vicious cycle is with my water experience: Experts say "drink 3lt water/day for more clear complexion, less toxics, also for being fit, and helps loosing some pounds. Thatz wonderful. Its mainly for looking good. Ok, according to the theory, as I drink more water Im more beautiful and more likely to attrackt some nice guys. But at the same time that much water means more wee. *uups* U look better so eyes of some nice guys r on u. But U can't keep looking back so long cuz U gotta wee. I told ya. This is a vicious cycle.

This (this script) was not a very creative way of procrastination when I consider my master-piece: repotting flowers.


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Cagri said...

damn, that's the reason why I never get to meet these 'nice' guys, because I always have to 'excuse myself' and wee :)) weee... Consti you're bonkers I love you!