Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ready to Face Fears?

I kept this ass hours long in front of this desk. I need some sleep but I am afraid of having a nightmare. I have fears now a days that I feel they gonna meet me in my dreams. Would it get lighter if I share? Lets try and c:

Im afraid cuz: Since the damn day I began writing this blog, I developed the fear of being smth like Bridget Jones. What if I become something full in figure (uuups I am already), longing for love, feeble minded, in search for Mr. Right, all thumbs, a real dude...Annnnnd notes down these all in a shitty diary. Even the quantity of cigarettes consumed daily, in correlation with mood like serious statistix??? What if my blog turns into my diary so me into B.J? H*O*R*R*O*R
I even hear the theme of my blog already: Gabrielle - Out of Reach.

And will you be reading the promotion story of my ass from long johns to g-strings?

NO WAY! Should I deactivate the blog or wait and face my fear to defeat it. Can I be an emotional Rambo?

Ok I keep the blog but you better quit reading.
Much love.

Stay tuned...

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