Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leave Me In My Own Delirium

I am in the edge of falling in the come-hither arms of a pc game.

Yea every 10 minutes I can come up with a new hysterical crisis. Fear of becoming a Bridget Jones; being about to be hypnotized by a pc game....But I swear I heard Championship Manager callin me! - (Sure CM is my sponsor, they fund the blog, and I pronounce their name. U kno: Show Business...)

I already forgot about the B.Jones fear. I bent her down and kicked the shit outta her.
Now two options: either begin with the game or do some dissertation.

I am a wise gal.
I stop bloggin and go sleepin ;)

post scriptum: Have u ever seen ab-fab? The sit com? Absolutely Fabulous? Sometimes I catch myself acting and speakin like Patsy :-/ and even Eddie..This is really unfortunate.

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